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A Forward-Minded Career Program

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We give you the tools to prepare for what's next, no matter the stage of your athletic career

Brought to you by AthleteBiz, in partnership with Epicoach, dedicated to supporting and empowering professional runners and track & field athletes to be as successful “off the track” as they are as athletes

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Everything We Offer

Career Coaching

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Job Pursuit

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Sports Psychology

Our suite of tools and professional connections are designed to flex to each athlete’s unique goals, needs and interests. With professional career coaches and over 170 mentors across various fields of expertise we can lift your confidence, focus and readiness for life and career opportunities that await you after sport.

Where do you see yourself in YourNextSuccess?

You Don't Have to Take Our Word For it

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Sam Mattis

YourNextSuccess has helped me start thinking about and preparing for what comes after track while still giving me the space to work hard on the track. I’ve begun to rethink my career options and my career coach has been a great help for approaching this next step in my life.


Olivia Baker

I’ve always known what I want to do after T&F but never quite knew HOW I’m going to get there. The YourNextSuccess program has helped me create a suitable path to my dream job once my running career comes to an end.


Garrett Heath

Making the transition from being an athlete to working in the professional world can be tough to navigate, but the coaching through YourNextSuccess has been immensely helpful to understanding what value I can bring to the table through my experience in the sport.

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