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The Program

What is YourNextSuccess?

You are Extraordinarily Successful as an Athlete 

But the transition from Athlete to "Real Life" is Hard

From conference championships, All-American honors, USA championships, and beyond, you have stepped up and succeeded on the biggest stages within our sport. You have gained a wealth of experience beyond a traditional career path, one that few among us can relate. Now that you are thinking about life after sport, you may have questions about finding something you are just as passionate about, if you can make a good income, and whether employers will value your experience. 

We offer a suite of services tailored to your experiences as an athlete, whether you are at the beginning of your athletics career, starting your preparation for what's next, or ready to make the jump. Our focus is on the strengths of your experience on the track in order to hone in on YourNextSuccess off the track.


Whether You are Fresh Out of College or nearing the End of Your Athletic Career

The YourNextSuccess Program is Designed for You

  • Access to Over 170 Mentors – All Successful People Who Love the Sport

  • Network with People with Experience and Connections in 250 Professions

  • Evaluate Your Skills and Interests with a Professional Career Coach

  • Determine what Career Direction is Right for You

  • Get Transition Advice from People who have Lived it – “Retired” Olympians

  • Identify Ways to Prepare while Still Actively Competing

  • Create a Strong Resume that Highlights your Unique Qualities

  • Browse Job Opportunities and Career Resources

  • Gain Answers to Financial Planning Questions

  • Receive professional sports psychology consulting

YNS Services

Career guidance services tailored to your specific needs at the current stage of your athletic career

Colleagues Going Over Plans


Early in Athletic Career

We work together to identify a range of possible post-athletic interests and associated gradual preparation actions to take

Together at the Top


Middle of Athletic Career

With your input, we determine top post-athletic profession choices and associated preparation actions to take



Nearing End of Athletic Career

In tandem, we zero in on post-athletic prep actions - self-identity, professional direction, and job pursuit skills


The Athletics Association is excited to partner with AthleteBiz. We believe this will be a wonderful resource for our athlete members and I’m especially pleased that these first class services are available at highly discounted prices.


Supplemental Guidance

Colleagues Going Over Plans



Discover and discuss your short-term and long-term financial goals

Helping Hand


Individual sessions with certified professionals allowing you to discover the best version of your performance

Additional Resources

As a professional athlete, there are various additional opportunities through the USOPC and IOC

Long-distance Run


Through the USOPC's "ACE" and IOC's "Athlete365" Program, eligible athletes have access to:​

  • Specific courses in Sports Management, Events Management, Digital Marketing and more

  • Coaching Education courses and certifications

  • Tuition grants and scholarships for online college courses

  • Pivot Career Transition Workshop

  • Career coaching, resume, and interviewing skills development

Let's Do This

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